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YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok stands as the ultimate destination for Muay Thai and fitness enthusiasts, providing an unparalleled training experience. Situated in the heart of Bangkok on central Sukhumvit Soi 16, our center is easily accessible via the BTS (skytrain), just a 5-minute walk from the "Asoke" station.

As the first Muay Thai Camp in downtown Bangkok, our facility has rapidly gained acclaim as a premier training hub. Our reputation is rooted in collaborations with Muay Thai Living Legends—fighters with extensive careers, contributing to the rich legacy of our training center. In response to the commercialization of Muay Thai in the city, leading to a decline in training quality, YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok emerged.

We seized the opportunity to provide authentic Muay Thai training for both foreigners and locals, led by the best trainers and top fighters of the moment. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures a genuine training experience. Catering to beginners and professional fighters alike, our meticulously crafted training programs offer technical Muay Thai sessions by experienced trainers and rigorous regimens inspired by the northeast of Thailand.

The collaboration of our world-class team aims to mold individuals into the best fighters they can be. Join us at YOKKAO and be part of the largest Muay Thai Community in the World! Whether you are a novice or an advanced practitioner, our training sessions are tailored to condition fighters at all levels of expertise.