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Established in 2010, YOKKAO is the most prolific brand name in today’s Muay Thai landscape. Besides a complete range of Muay Thai products, the brand is also known for hosting top Thai boxing events, training seminars with our stars, and running our own YOKKAO Training Center located in the heart of downtown Bangkok. Home to Muay Thai legends Saenchai and Singdam, the training center has rapidly built itself up as one of the most notable gyms in the world. 

The YOKKAO Training Center Affiliate Program offers Muay Thai practitioners around the world with an authentic Muay Thai training experience. Our mission is to deliver pure, high-quality Muay Thai training in a world-class facility equipped with our high-quality gear and equipment. 

Our Requirements

Affiliate Cost

Our affiliation program is based on an yearly fee plus the applicable local taxes and relevant insurance as required by individual country laws. The annual fee will remain the same as what you first paid when you signed on as a member regardless of any fee adjustment in the future. 


All YOKKAO Affiliate Training Centers must be fully equipped with YOKKAO training gear and equipment that can be purchased from us at attractive wholesale prices. 


After successful registration and approval as a YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center, the gym will be featured on our website under an Affiliates list where people can go to find an authentic Muay Thai training experience in their area. A compliant website is required to be set up and maintained by each affiliate training center, which will be linked on the Affiliates list on our website.

Our Support

Use of YOKKAO Trademark

Affiliate Training Centers are granted legal rights to use the YOKKAO trademark including the brand name, logo, images and promotional materials. With each affiliate membership, you can offer Muay Thai training, fitness classes and kids classes under the YOKKAO brand name at one physical location. 


As one of the most talked-about Muay Thai brands, YOKKAO has been featured by several media giants such as CNN, National Geographic, and Fox Sports. The current brand outreach on social media is estimated to be at around 25 million fans every month from all around the world.

As an affiliate, you will benefit from our strong social media presence, worldwide promotions and established branding. Affiliate training centers will also be featured on our website or social media pages for wider exposure and outreach.

YOKKAO Store Wholesale Discount

In order to provide a complete experience, each YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center will feature the store-in-gym concept. The store allows gym members and visitors to try out and shop our wide range of Muay Thai products. 

A dedicated online store will also be created for each affiliate center on our website with an in-store pickup option. Affiliate members will receive a wholesale discount (minimum order of $2000) for purchase of all YOKKAO products for sale at the store. 

YOKKAO Trainer Certification Course

We offer elective trainer certification courses to equip your trainers with the necessary skill sets in conducting effective & engaging training sessions. Courses of three different levels will be held once a year for the regions of the US, Europe and Asia respectively. Look for course details and dates which will be announced on the website.


YOKKAO affiliates may hold professional, amateur and kids events either at a sporting venue or even at the gym as long as the necessary facilities and regulations are in place. The use of our trademark for affiliate events including YOKKAO Official Events, YOKKAO Fight Night, YOKKAO Next Generation, YOKKAO Kids, YOKKAO Games and YOKKAO Seminars are subject to approval. 

Member’s Priority 

As an affiliate member, you will receive early access to new product releases. Additionally, affiliate gyms are prioritized for promoting and hosting YOKKAO seminars with our stars such as the living legend, Saenchai, Singdam, Liam Harrison etc.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming part of the YOKKAO affiliated training center network, please fill out the application by using the form below. We welcome gyms and all interested parties from anywhere in the world to apply as a YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center. Our affiliate representatives will follow up with you promptly.