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Name : Spencer Brown

Camp : YOKKAO Fight Team, Rama Camp (Scotland)

Date of Birth : 24 July 1997

Place of Birth : Irvine, Scotland

Height : 175 cm

Weight : 65 Kg


Spencer Brown was born in the historical Scottish town of Irvine on 24th July 1997. His passion for martial arts sprouted at the age of 6 when he trained and competed in Karate at the national level. When he was 15 years old, he started training in Muay Thai after a friend introduced him to the sport. He was hooked after the first class and 8 weeks in, he had his first junior bout on a local show called MTB in 2013. It was against a David Wilkie who had 2 years of training experience. David Wilkie was also much taller with a 5-6 kg advantage. Safe to say, it didn’t end very well for the young Spencer. Despite being outclassed and losing his debut, Spencer lasted the full 5 rounds, functioning on a big fighter’s heart and sheer refusal to give up.

4 fights later, Spencer was scouted by YOKKAO UK promoter, Brian Calder and given the opportunity to fight at YOKKAO 12 - 13 undercard on Next Generation. He faced Sam Buruca, who already had 25 fights under his belt, including an earlier appearance on the YOKKAO 10 main card. This would be the second meet between the 2 fighters and ended in an all-out war much like the first. Spencer lost the fight, as he did in the first, but so impressed the promoters with his heart in the ring that he was invited for the next 3 YOKKAO shows at Bolton Macron stadium. Since then, he appeared on the undercards at YOKKAO 14-15, YOKKAO 17-18 and YOKKAO 19-20.

After a succession of impressive performances, Spencer was signed on as a YOKKAO sponsored-fighter in 2016. The same year, on the invitation of YOKKAO, Spencer moved to Bangkok where he now lives and trains. In October that year, he made his Hong Kong debut at YOKKAO 21 - 22 where he faced local fighter, Chan Chau Yin. Spencer went into the fight despite feeling severely unwell for the whole week leading up to the event. It was a closely-matched fight with the decision going to Chan after 3 hard-fought rounds.

His time for glory arrive when he fought for the ISKA European Champion in May 2017. He faced homegrown fighter, Miguel Martinez on Spanish soil in his first legitimate title bout. Spencer walked away with the decision that night, along with the ISKA European championship title. An emotional and victorious moment that left him in tears.

2017 proved to be a brutal year for Spencer who was invited to fight on a number of MX Muay Xtreme TV shows. He clocked in 3 wins in 3 fights, knocking all his opponents out in the first round, and earning himself a new nickname of “The KO Kid”.

Just one month apart, the KO Kid fought on 2 high-profile shows: YOKKAO 25 in Hong Kong and YOKKAO 27 in the UK. At YOKKAO 25 in September, Spencer was not granted the rematch against Chan Chau Yin whom he faced at YOKKAO 22. Instead, he took on another Hong Kong fighter, Lui Chin Yin. The 3-round non-stop action turned out to be one of the toughest fights in Spencer’s career in which he took home the win via decision, but also a swollen nose in the process. In October 2017, he returned to UK for YOKKAO 27 where he faced English fighter, Stewart Pringle. After 5 rounds of explosive back-and-forth battling, Spencer added another W to his fight record.

On 10th March 2018, Spencer returned once more to Bolton Macron to face fellow Scotsman Connon McNab at YOKKAO 30. Spencer dominated the fight with his signature powerful punches but his tough opponent simply refused to go down. The 2 young Scotsmen gave the crowd an entertaining full 5 rounds with Spencer adding a well-deserving win via decision to his fight record

Spencer’s fight record stands at 22 fights - 17 wins (5 KOs) and  5 losses.

Are you are interested in hosting a seminar with Spencer or inviting him to fight on your show?