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Name: Saenchai PK MuayThaiGym

AKA: Saenchai Muay Thai Gym

Camp: Sinbi Muay Thai Gym, Phuket

Date of Birth: 30 july 1980

Place of Birth: Maha Sarakham, Thailand

Height: 166 cms

Weight: 60 Kg

Management: YOKKAO


Born Supachai Saenpong, Saenchai PK Saenchaigym, has gone by several names during his 20 plus year reign as Muay Thai’s greatest pound for pound fighter currently fighting. The 36 year old southpaw stands at 1.66 meters (5’ 5”) and comes from Maha Sarakham in the rural northeast of Thailand, near Khon Kaen. Saenchai began his fight career at 8 years old in 1988. Having trained for a short period of time young Saenchai fought at a local bout and won a purse of 30 baht, roughly $1. He then moved onto Jocky Gym to continue fighting.

Fight Career

Saenchai’s first emergence onto the Muay Thai scene in Bangkok was six years later in 1994. Having fought out of Jocky Gym in Bangkok for a number of years the legendary Somluck Sor Khamsing purchased Saenchai’s contract for 300,000 baht. Under the Sor Khamsing name Saenchai won the Lumpinee super flyweight belt (51kg) and Lumpinee bantam weight belt (52kg) at the age of 16 and 18 respectively. After a dispute with Somluck over bouts in Japan, Saenchai moved to Kingstar gym with his contract purchased for 300,000 baht. Saenchai changed his name to Saenchai Sor. Kingstar and remained under that name for several years until moving onto become Saenchai PK Saenchaigym. In addition to Jocky Gym and Sor Khamsing gym Saenchai has also been associated with Sinbi Muay Thai and 13 Coins in Phuket and Bangkok.

He has won a litany of belts including the Toyota Cup Tournament, WMC World Championship, WBC Diamond Belt Championship and has won the prestigious prize of Sports Writer of Thailand Fighter of the Year twice. He was able to cinch a total of 4 Lumpinee belts in total with two more added to his resume in the super featherweight division (59kg) and the lightweight division (61kg).

The crafty Saenchai is best known for his slick moves and technical style of fighting. He has excellent balance and timing using unorthodox to techniques to confuse his opponents. Incorporating muay boran style kicks and maneuvers Saenchai has proven himself to be quite the showman in the ring. He is most famously known for his cartwheel kick in which he cartwheels his shin into his opponent.

With an immense amount of skill Saenchai has taken on a litany of well-known fighters in a career that has seen a record of 303 wins, 52 losses and 3 draws. He has fought and bested Nong Kaiyanghadaogym, Kongsak Sitboonme, Pakron PK Saenchaigym, Petchboonchu FA Group, Sagatdao Petpayathai and many others. He has also defeated a wealth of establish foreign opponents including Kevin Ross, Liam Harrison, Charlie Peters, Ognjen Topic, Sean Clancy, Victor Nagbe, Matt Embree and others.

Currently training and fighting out of Yokkao gym in Bangkok, Saenchai has retired from the Thailand circuit but is still actively fighting often appearing on Thai Fight and Yokkao Promotions. While mainly competing in Muay Thai he has also fought under Kard Chuek rules, in which boxers bind their hands in hemp. He recently competed and won in Glory, a kickboxing promotion in which the clinch and elbows are not allowed.

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