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: Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym

Real Name: Jilapart Waiprakorn

Camp: YOKKAO Fight Team

Date of Birth: 20 August 1996

Place of Birth: Buriram, Northeast Thailand

Height:170 cm

Weight: 65 Kg


Manachai was born on 20th August 1996 as Jilapat Waiprakorn. He was originally from Buriram, in the North-eastern Isaan region of Thailand, a region well-known for producing many of the country’s best Muay Thai fighters. He first fought at the age of 8 where he was rewarded with 500 baht for winning the fight. Growing up in poverty, the relatively large prize money motivated him to train in the sport full-time. He joined the renowned Kiatmoo9 gym and soon found himself training with many of today’s best fighters including Singdam, Superlek, and Rungnarai until he was acquired in 2016 by YOKKAO. Today, the YOKKAO Fight Team’s bright young star trains under the watchful guidance of  Kru Petchdam as well as YOKKAO Fight Team members Singdam and living legend, Saenchai.

Fight Career

Manachai is currently one of the YOKKAO Fight Team’s most high-profile young fighters. To date, he has clocked around 300 fights to his name and over 200 wins. During the years competing actively at Lumpinee stadium, he was ranked number 1 at one point. Manachai definitely has all the makings to become one of the most famous Muay Thai fighters of his time.

The young talent made Bangkok his home when he was signed by YOKKAO in April 2016. Following the move, Manachai underwent a period of adaptation to the new environment with inconsistent results. After 2 stellar wins at YOKKAO 17 and YOKKAO Next Generation Khorat in March and May of 2016 respectively, his record was plagued with 5 losses. These include unsuccessful campaigns at capturing the Toyota 8-man Tournament twice, losing to Yodthuangton via decisions on both occasions. This period also saw him losing at YOKKAO 21 to Australian talent Kurtis Staiti, in Khorat and also at Omnoi Stadium.

After a short break from training and competing, Manachai returned to the ring with a new-found conviction and went on an 8-win streak from July 2017. He kicked off the series of victories when he went up against  former 2013 Rajadamnern champion, Kiatpetch Suanaharneekmai at the YOKKAO Next Generation event in Suraburi. Despite a tough competition, Manachai outscored Kiatpetch by landing a series of powerful strikes and another 2 sweeps in round 5 to bring home the win.

On 20th August 2017, Manachai appeared on the inaugural All-star Fight promotion alongside YOKKAO team mate, Pakorn and Muay Thai superstar, Buakaw. Manachai impressed the audience with his incessant, powerful shots that often leaves his opponents with no chance for a breather. On this occasion, he defeated Iranian fighter Vahid Shahbazi, a veteran of the ring, via decision.

A month later, Manachai made his second Hong Kong appearance with YOKKAO 26 on 11th September. He gave yet another dominating performance against his Spanish opponent, Carlos Araya. Although the European champion put up a good fight, Manachai proved to be the better man with a win over unanimous decision.

Barely 2 weeks after Hong Kong on 30th September, Manachai returns to the All-Star Fight ring in what was arguably the most intense fight of the night. The young YOKKAO star left no time to waste and brought on a war to Laotian opponent, Noukhith Latsaphao right from the start and dominating the first 2 rounds. Just a minute into the third, Manachai finished the game with a storm of right elbows that left Noukhith stumbling to the floor, ending the fight with the KO strikes.

Manachai furthered the rampage with 3 back-to-back KO-wins in his next appearances. The first in Surin at the first joint co-promotion with famous Lumpinee promoter, PK Saenchai on 17th November where Manachai went on a leg-chopping wreckage that ended the fight quickly in round 3. He returned to Lumpinee Stadium on 23rd December winning the fight again via low kick KO. Then on 20th January 2018, he made his Italian debut on The Night of Kick and Punch promotion. He finished the fight in rapid fashion via referee stoppage in round 1 after just 2:35 minutes to be declared the winner by TKO.

Manachai most recently fought against welterweight powerhouse Pongsiri PKSaenchaiGym at Channel 7. The fight was originally set up for the Channel 7 147lbs title that was scraped a day before the fight. Despite taking away the prized belt from the match, Manachai remained undeterred and motivated. He outclassed Lumpinee champion, Pongsiri to take home the win via decision after 5 rounds of explosive action.

Following the high-profile win at Channel 7, Manachai has a series of exciting matches planned in the year ahead including appearances in UK and Italy.

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