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Born in Lyon France on June 14, 1984 Pinca trains out of Gym Boxing Saint Fons where he is trained by Nasser Kacem, also known as Team Nasser. He began fighting at 15 years old after discovering other famous international Muay Thai boxers such as Ramon Dekkers, Danny Bill, Charles Skarbowsky and Farid Villaume. He currently works as an educational facilitator and has recently begun his own promotion, Strike Fight. The first event was held in his hometown of Lyon in June of 2014.

Fight Career

Pinca is well known internationally having taken on several high level Thais including Liam Harrison, Andrei Kulebin, Malaipet Sasiprapra, Victor Nagbe, Sayok Pumpanmuang, and Kem Sitsongpeenong. Pinca is a solid all around fighter and has fought on many of the top international promotions including YOKKAO, La Nuit des Challenges, Glory and Thai Fight. Most of his bouts have been under full Muay Thai rules and he has secured a record of 98 wins, 22 losses and 4 draws for a total of 124 bouts. He is a welterweight boxer who routinely fights at 148lbs or 67kgs.

His career in Muay Thai began in 200 when he reached the finals of the French Muay Thai Championships in the A class. In France fights are tiered into A, B and C class. With less protection, longer rounds and more weapons available to boxers as they move up into A class bouts.

In 2008 he won the Fight Day 8 Thai Boxing 4 Man tournament and became the intercontinental Muay Thai Lightweight Champion of the WBC. The following year saw him take the Isuzu Thai Fight 67kg Tournament win.

Fighting internationally saw him take on Malaipet Sasiprapra on the Lion Fight Promotions in 2013. The bout was a welterweight championship and Pinca was able to take the belt on a points win.

Pinca has beated pound for pound best Muay Thai fighter Saenchai PK Saenchgym at Yokkao Extreme 2011. Pinca had a large weight advantage against the smaller Saenchai but was still frustrated by the crafty Thai fighter. He was able to secure the points victory at the end of the bout making him one of the few foreign fighters that have bested Saenchai.

Most recently Pinca has grabbed hold of the coveted Rajadamnern Stadium 67kg belt. He bested Manowan Sitsongpeenong in Thailand. Major stadium belts such as the Rajadamnern belt are rarely held by foreign Muay Thai fighters. The show was a large success taking in a gate of 1 Million baht. Pinca was the highest paid boxer on the card taking home 200,000 baht while Manowan made only 60,000 baht. Pinca’s purse put him on the same level as Thai superstars currently fighting such as Sangmanee and Thanochai. The bout was televised live on SFR Sport 5 channel in France giving Pinca a chance to impress his countrymen. Pinca, like many other stadium champions will have to successfully defend his belt within 2-3 months or vacate the championship.

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