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Name: Erhan YOKKAOSaenchaiGym

Camp: YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

Date of Birth: 10 December 1990

Place of Birth: Munich, Germany

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 72 Kg


Erhan was born on December 10th 1990 as Erhan Guengoer of Turkish heritage. He grew up in the city of Munich in Germany and started competing in Muay Thai at the age of 19. In his first professional fight, he found himself up against the then German pro champion but beat all odds to win the 2011 German Muay Thai Championship by way of TKO in the second round.

In 2015, Erhan moved to Melbourne, Australia and became the head coach of Absolute MMA’s Muay Thai team where he juggled between coaching and competing. During a vacation in 2016, he found himself coming to train at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok for his last week of fight prep on the invitation of his friend. Erhan went on to win the fight, outclassing his opponent with the skills acquired during his short time at YOKKAO. The camp offered him the opportunity to become a fully-sponsored fighter which he accepted without hesitation. He left his esteemed coaching job at Absolute MMA and moved to Bangkok where he now lives at the YOKKAO gym, training alongside Manachai, Yodchai and legends like Saenchai and Singdam. He is the first foreign fighter to live and train at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok full-time.

Shortly after, Erhan made his debut for his new camp at the YOKKAO Next Generation event in Sisaket, Thailand where he scored a TKO win. On 28th October 2016, Erhan flew to Hong Kong where he faced local fighter Lam Ji Fung at YOKKAO 21. Despite being sick with stomach problems for weeks prior to the event which affected his training, he fought hard and got the win via decision after the full 5 rounds.

Erhan has since fought on TV shows like MX Muay Xtreme and Max Muay Thai. More notably, he got the chance to fight at Lumpinee Stadium, Thailand’s most prestigious Muay Thai arena. At his Lumpinee debut, Erhan was matched and won against Thai veteran fighter, Dab-Mhon Siharajshow. Less than a month following the fight, he was granted a shot at the Lumpinee title for 160lbs on August 19th 2017 against Nopakaw Siriluck Muay Thai. He went into the fight with an unrecovered injury sustained during his last Lumpinee appearance and the title campaign did not fall through. He is currently ranked sixth at Lumpinee and remains undaunted and driven in his quest for the prestigious title.

The same year, Erhan captured a dominating win at YOKKAO 26 in Hong Kong against local fighter Billy William and again in December on MX Muay Xtreme against golden age legend Orono Por Muang Ubon. He recently returned to the MX ring and racked up a TKO win in round one against Thai opponent Jimmy Liangprasert.

Erhan’s fight record currently stands at 30 fights with 20 wins, 9 losses and 1 draw.

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