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Name: Dzhabar Askerov

AKA: Gengis Khan

Camp:Sasiprapa, Thailand

Date of Birth:24 January 1986

Place of Birth: Kurah, Dagestan, Russia

Height:173 cms



Dzhabar Askerov was born on January 24th 1986 in Kurah Dagestan, Russia. Askerov was born into a Lezgin family, an ethnicity that derives from near the Caspian sea. The Lezgin people speak a Northeast Caucasian dialect.

When Askerov was young, only six years old, he began to take judo classes and when he was nine the family moved to Derbent, the southernmost city in Russia. It was there that Askerov began to do Muay Thai after his father took him to a Muay Thai gym in the city.  Three years later Askerov would move to the capital of Dagestan, Mackachkala. His official career started there and he won a world title as a junior fighter in 1999. In 2003 he was able to take another amateur title as well, the IFMA World Muay Thai Championship at 57 kilograms.

He decided to move to Thailand to pursue a career as a full-time fighter in his early twenties.

Fight Career

Askerov debuted on K-1 in March of 2007 at the K-1 Max East European tournament where he faced and lost to Thai superstar Buakaw Banchamek.

The subsequent year he would be catapulted into fame after appearing on The Contender Asia reality TV show. He was able to beat British fighter David Paquette via decision and took a win over Australian Soren Mongtong to face the legendary John Wayne Parr in the finals. Askerov took a points loss but the exposure on the show would see him stay on the international stage.

He would face Buakaw Banchamek again in 2012 where he would drop a decision loss on a YOKKAO Extreme card. His subsequent fight though against Ramzan Magomadov saw him win the IAKSA European Championship at 72.5kg and he has won several other titles including the WMC Muay Thai Middleweight European Champion in 2008.

Askerov has faced a number of notable opponents besides John Wayne Parr and Buakaw Banchamek including Steve Moxon and Andy Souwer. He faced the latter on YOKKAO Extreme in 2013 in Milan Italy where he took a split decision win against Souwer. He has taken on Yodsanklai Fairtex on Kunlun where was unsuccessful and took a decision loss. Askerov did knock out Yodsanklai’s countrymen Aikpracha on Kunlun 37 with a vicious right hook in the second round. Other notable opponents include Robin Van Roosmalen, decision loss, Cosmo Alexandre, decision loss, Yoshihiro Sato, decision win, and Enriko Kehl who he felled with a right hook in the second round.

Askerov is best known as a technical brawler. He is a very tough and game fighter who pushes forward and unleashes hard hands along with powerful kicks. He has participated in professional boxing where he is 1 and 0 along with MMA, where he is 8 and 0 with 6 early finishes to his fight and 0 losses. He has mainly competed under kickboxing rule sets but has had some success under Muay Thai as well.

He is still currently living and training out of Thailand and is fighting regularly internationally.


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